1. Has Emperia Holding S.A. issued any preference shares?

All shares in Emperia Holding S.A. have equal rights in respect of votes and dividend.


2. When has Emperia Holding S.A. entered the WIG50 index?

Shares in Emperia Holding S.A. have been included in the WIG50 since 24 March 2014.


3. Does Emperia Holding S.A. pay dividends?

The decision to use part or all of Emperia Holding’s profit to pay a dividend to shareholders is made by Emperia Holding S.A.’s General Meeting. The Dividend section contains more information about dividends paid by Emperia Holding S.A.   

4. When do you release financial results?

In accordance with the laws governing public trade in securities, by the end of each January Emperia Holding publishes a reporting calendar, covering the financial statements (quarterly, semi-annual and annual) in a given year. The Investor Calendar section contains the report publication dates, along with the dates of upcoming and past events.


5. How can I purchase shares in Emperia Holding?

Emperia Holding’s shares are available through the Warsaw Stock Exchange. To buy them, investors must have a securities account with any one of the brokerage firms, with the intermediation of which they can buy and sell shares.


6. When should I purchase shares in order to be entitled to a dividend?

The decision on payment of a dividend, together with details concerning the right to dividend, is adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting by 30 June of each year. The General Meeting sets the ex-dividend date and dividend payment date. The right to dividend is reserved for persons who hold shares in Emperia Holding S.A. at a securities account at the close of the session on the ex-dividend date. When buying shares, investors should, however, always remember about the KDPW’s settlement period, which currently is two days.