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With operations spanning the entire country, Emperia Group has been a vital fixture of the Polish market since 1990. During this time, we have earned our reputation as a stable and credible employer. We employ over 8 000 people throughout Poland. We know that it is the substantial committment and efforts of our employees that drive our successes, which is why we are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest.

These are the traits that we most value as an employer:

  • ambitious and dynamic
  • dedicated
  • creative
  • operationally savvy
  • teamwork-oriented
  • problem-solving capacity
  • analytical thinking skills

We want to be an attractive workplace, where each employee may fulfil his or her professional ambitions. We strive to create conditions that support creativity and productivity, as well as to award people that contribute to the sucess of our companies with their cutting-edge ideas and highly effective performance. Therefore, as an employer, we are committed to:

  • a professional recruitment process
  • an adaptation programme for new hires
  • an internal recruitment and promotion system
  • relevant development and training projects
  • an objective-based incentive scheme

By becoming an employee of one of our companies, you are joining a dynamic team. Regardless of the job title, you have a lot of room for professional development and enhancing your competences. Working with us means being able to participate in interesting projects and having independence in performing your responsibilities.


Emperia Group values your potential, enthusiasm and passion for development.

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We hire the best

Emperia Group is an attractive workplace where everyone can fulfil their professional ambitions.

We value experience but are also happy to hire people that are just starting on their career path.

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